2018 Vermouth off Sweet 700ml
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With 40 years of winemaking experience making premium Hunter Valley Semillon Andrew Margan sat down with his barman son Ollie and decided the perfect Vermouth could be made from the Semillon grape as a base using home grown herbs and spices for the aromatics. The palate of the vermouth needed balance between bitterness and aromatics that allowed it to sit perfectly in a Negroni or be consumed just with ice. Hence the Margan Vermouth project was born and the first varietal, regional, vintage Vermouth, made from Hunter Valley Semillon, has been produced.  

Tasting Notes

This off-sweet style of vermouth was designed to subtly compliment the gin or rye used in many classic cocktails. It has a palate that balances bitterness and aromatics without being overly sweet, allowing it to sit perfectly in a Negroni or to be consumed over ice. The aromas of liquorice, orange peel, cinnamon transfer to a semi sweet palate of thyme, lemon balm and spring honey.


After much experimentation, Andrew, Ollie and the winery team agreed on the perfect blend of botanicals to use to make the vermouth with the majority of the 24 herbs and spices used being grown in the Margan Kitchen Garden. Old vine Semillon from the 2018 vintage was used as the base wine for the Vermouth to contribute excellent acidity and subtle primary flavours of citrus. Some of this base wine was sent to be distilled and used to steep the selected 24 botanicals, before being basket pressed and added back to the Semillon base wine. A combination of honey from our Margan bee hives and 2018 botrytis Semillon was added to produce a beautiful off-sweet red vermouth.

Suggested Cocktail Recipes


30ml Margan Off-Sweet Vermouth

30ml Farmers Wife Gin

30ml Campari

Serve in a short glass with crushed ice.

Top with aranciata rosso and garnish with a twist of orange peel

Vermouth Cobbler

45ml Margan Off-Sweet Vermouth

45ml Fresh Orange juice

10ml  sugar syrup (1:1 sugar/water)

Build in a tall glass with crushed ice and garnish with a citrus wheel

Margan Spritzer

30ml Margan Off-Sweet Vermouth

30ml Margan Botrytis Semillon

15ml fresh lime juice

Build in short glass with crushed ice and top with Margan Blanc de Blancs

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Picture of 2021 Rose & Bramble Rosé

2021 Rose & Bramble Rosé


Andrew made a great Rosé, Margan Shiraz Saignée, for about 20 vintages and then got bored with it so declared he wouldn’t make it anymore. Just as the Rose’ boom hit! Lisa decided to take over the project and with our winemaker Nicole Wilson and daughter Alessa Margan they re-worked the style, renamed the wine Rose & Bramble and designed a new label. Since we launched it in 2018 it has won medals, trophies and fans. Andrew is still part of the picture – he grows the grapes – and reluctantly acknowledges that he is also a fan of the new style.


With much welcomed spring rain in 2020 we saw excellent canopy balance through all vineyards for our 2021 vintage. A mild summer allowed for excellent acid retention and a long ripening period resulting in elegant fruit character and seamless acid balance in white wines coming from 2021.


This wine is mostly sourced from our Ceres Hill Vineyard (Merlot and Barbera) with these grapes grown on the parcels of red volcanic soils. We add a small volume of Pinot Grigio grown on our Saxonvale Vineyard on the Fordwich Sill which adds texture to the palate.


Our Rosé is made using a combination of varieties and winemaking techniques. A blend of Shiraz, Merlot and Barbera picked and pressed off skins immediately to achieve a faint salmon blush and encourage floral aromatics and elegant fruits. The Pinot Grigio component Is handpicked and fermented on skins to contribute texture to the palate.


The wine has lifted berry aromas and a rose petal perfume with mulberry, strawberry, and pink grapefruit on the palate. The finish is dry and refreshing and the palate has lots of texture. An eclectic approach to winemaking has produced a dry wine packed with mouthfeel and fresh fruit.


pH                                                                  3.25

Titratable Acidity                                       7.5 g/L

Alcohol                                                         12 %

Residual Sugar                                           < 2g/L


50 years / Busby


Kangaroo steak tartare with quails’ egg and toasted brioche


2-3 years

Picture of 2021 La Nina Sparkling Rose

2021 La Nina Sparkling Rose

2021 Margan ‘La Nina’ Sparkling Rose

This is a new wine for us, but perhaps something we should have released sooner. A sparkling wine that reflects our classic Broke Fordwich terroir whilst pushing the style boundaries into a realm of engaging, complex drinking. Fun, textural fizz with an unmistakably Margan composition.

Growing Season

With much welcomed spring rain in 2020 we saw excellent canopy balance through all vineyards for our 2021 vintage. A mild summer allowed for excellent acid retention and a long ripening period resulting in elegant fruit character and seamless acid balance in white wines coming from 2021.


In 2015 we grafted 6 different clones of Shiraz onto 50yr old rootstocks on our Timbervines vineyard. Located on the red volcanic soil of the Fordwich Sill, 6 years later we now have six different clones producing some very interesting results. The base wine for this sparkling is comprised of an early pick from two blocks of our Shiraz clonal plantings to retain acidity and floral fruit aromatics. The clonal material chosen for this wine is typically vibrant in raspberry and strawberry fruits and when picked early soft in tannins.


Harvested early to maintain elegant fruit character and high acidity, the base wine was pressed immediately off skins to minimise phenolics and colour. Fermented cool in stainless steel with neutral yeasts this base wine was able to reflect the natural fruit characteristics of the clonal material. A portion was matured in old French oak Puncheons to contribute savoury aromatics and texture to the palate.

Tasting Notes

Bright, savoury strawberry is knitted with slightly oxidative red apple. Tense acidity plays off crunchy red fruits; creates a style of sparkling less for the ‘occasion’ and more for a meal. Texture and energy with a fine effervescence. Bring on the cured meats and good company!


Wine Composition

pH                                                          3.23

Titratable Acidity                                7.4 g/L

Alcohol                                                  11.7%

Residual Sugar                                     11 g/L


Vine Age/Clone

Heritage Shiraz Clonal plantings on 50yr old rootstocks


Food Match

Oysters, Sashimi, Parfait


Cellaring Potential

Now – 5yrs (but why wait?)

Picture of 2021 Vermouth Off Dry 700ml

2021 Vermouth Off Dry 700ml



The 2021 Ceres Hill Off-Dry Vermouth captures the agricultural essence of our home property in the depths of winter (and a state-wide lockdown). It’s the first of our single season releases, however like previous vintages is made from Semillon grapes as its base. Rather than emulate a traditional vermouth style, this is a unique expression of the fresh botanicals grown in our kitchen garden and natural surroundings, steeped in our iconic Ceres Hill Semillon and spirit.


Tasting Notes:

This sits in and around the Cocchi Americano style with an Orange bitters dry edge. Wormwood, blood orange, kaffir lime, lemongrass, marigold and lavender aromats build on the classic Semillon palate of pine lime splice for a bittersweet and textural finish.



We harvest our Semillon and ferment to dryness with a portion sent away to be distilled. Lockdown settled in late June and we harvested a selection of compatible aromatic ingredients from around the grounds and our kitchen garden. These included wormwood, blood orange, mandarin, lime leaf, calendula, lavender, lemongrass amongst others…


After steeping in spirit for some time, the components were blended with the table wine, some organic cane sugar, seasoned with some 2022 verjuice (same vineyard) and a dosage of our solera Verdelho ‘Madeira’ style fortified. Two months of rest in old French oak seemed to resolve any grievances and we filled all 500 bottles of this yesterday without further preservation, fining or filtration at 19% ABV.


Serving Suggestions:

We recommend this enjoyed simply on ice, with a dash of soda or splashed liberally into your favourite gin and mixer. If you would like to get a little creative, the following mixed drinks have proven to be very tasty…


Margan to Milan

45ml Ceres Hill Off-Dry Vermouth

45ml Campari


  • Stirred down with ice in a mixing glass
  • Strained into a cocktail coupe
  • Garnish with the zest of grapefruit (any citrus will work well here)


La Nina Spritz

60ml Ceres Hill Off-Dry Vermouth

60ml La Nina Sparkling Rose (feel free to add more depending on how much attitude adjustment you need)

30ml Soda/Mineral Water


  • Build in a wine glass
  • Add ice and give a little mix
  • Garnish with a citrus wedge, sprig of mint or some lavender (no real rules here, just something aromatic)
Picture of 2016 White Label Ripasso

2016 White Label Ripasso


Ripasso is the Italian term used in reference to the re-passing of a wine from one ferment over the skins of another. In our case we have passed some of our 2016 vintage shiraz from our 40-year-old Timbervines vineyard over the skins of several different varieties from the 2017 vintage. The mystery for the drinker is to figure out what skins we have used for the re-fermentation.

Growing Season

The 2016 vintage was a cooler vintage In the Hunter Valley producing more elegant softer styles of Shiraz. This base wine was passed over the 2017 vintage which was a warmer vintage and enabled us to build more body and stronger tannins In to the 2016 base wine.


The fruit that makes up the Shiraz base wine from 2016 was handpicked off 40yr old vines grown on the rich red volcanic soils of the Fordwich Sill. We choose a block that has the ability to build more complexity in to the fruit. The skins that we pass this wine over are chosen based on the vineyards that are performing best that particular year, as well as what additional nuances of tannin and flavour will complement the base wine to build complexity.


Only in very good vintages like 2016 do I keep a small volume of top-quality shiraz in reserve in oak to re-ferment it over another later excellent vintage. It must be a vintage where we get perfectly ripe fruit to ensure the finished wine has taken up only ripe tannins and fruit characters. The base wine from 2016 had plush fruit and elegant aromatics with medium tannins and it was re-fermented over different varieties in the 2017 vintage. This has given the wine lots of dense tannins and deep complex fruit characters. It has spent nearly two years in small new and two-year old French oak barriques. This wine is fun to make and is different every year we make it!

Tasting Notes

Medium - Full bodied displaying a subtle combination of spice, plush black forest fruit and tobacco like coupled with nuances of violet and blue fruits and firm velvety tannins.

Wine Composition

pH                                                           3.46

Titratable Acidity                                   6.7g/L

Alcohol                                                   13.5%

Residual Sugar                                       <1g/L 

Food Match

Wagyu brisket, mushroom, celeriac and glazed onion

Cellaring Potential

15 - 20 years


Silver Medal Hunter Valley Wine Show 2019

Silver Medal Sydney Wine Show 2019